Your solar project is complete. Congratulations!

We are excited that solar PV project is operational. We hope you are too. Over the next 25+ years, your system will be a silent superhero, saving you thousands of dollars in utility bill costs while offsetting incredible amounts of carbon emissions generated by PGE. By going solar you have placed yourself at the forefront of the sustainable energy initiative and have made a personal contribution to future generations’ well being. 

Now that your project is complete, we would like to also inform you about our SunshineRewards program, a program that rewards YOU and rewards our EMPLOYEES. This page outlines what you can do to help us in our pursuit of more business like yours, recognize our workforce and provide your referrals the highest quality solar products and installation team. By creating referral business for GoSimpleSolar, you would be doing us a great favor. Most people refer us because they know we’ll do a great job for their friends and family, not for monetary reward. We appreciate that, but in any case, we’ll either extend your inverter warranty for an additional 10 years (20 years total) or provide a $500 referral fee for your referrals that we close business with.  (There are some system size criteria that need to be met to capture these generous rewards).


Review us on Yelp

A Yelp review can be VERY helpful. Every time we see an employee mentioned on Yelp, they recieve a bonus for their good work! Show your thanks if you feel they should be rewarded for a job well done. Here are the instructions on how to submit a review in case you are not familiar with the process.

  • How to Write a Business Review on Yelp
  • If you log into the Yelp app from your smartphone, it’s much more likely Yelp will believe that you’re a real user, and not a “bot”. This will ensure your work writing the review won’t go to waste and get “filtered” by Yelp.
  • This is our business page on which to write the review: GoSimpleSolar Yelp
  • Yelp typically does not keep reviews from users who have posted less than 2 reviews total. If you are a new  YELP user, rating at least one more local business will insure that your reviews stay published. Otherwise, it can be wasted effort. 

SunshineRewards Program

Our business benefits greatly from word of mouth referrals. Simply make sure your referral gives us your name and we will contact you after they sign a contract. This win-win system is our way of saying “Thank You” for spreading our message.

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Like and Share us on Facebook

It’s really easy, and it could put even more money in your pocket. If you have a Facebook account, simply click the buttons below.
Typically, after project completion, we post a “de-identified” photo of your project along with some general project details. By liking and sharing this post as well, it may generate referrals for us. Simply go to our Facebook page, find the post that has a photo of your new solar system, and click Like and Share, located directly underneath the post. Remember: You can receive $500 for anyone and everyone you refer (or the upgraded warranty). Facebook is a great way to reach out to lots of people; don’t be shy!

Do you have any constructive comments regarding how we can better serve our customers? Let us know in the form below. We’re always looking to improve. Constructive feedback/ways to improve is the best feedback we can get.
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Together, we can accelerate the payback of your solar system by providing you with referral rebates!
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