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GoSimpleSolar Day-By-Day Installation Process and Contact Information


Mark Becker                                               Bob Libby                                    Nick Crisosto           

925.915.9252                                                925.255.3345                                    209.242.3137

Project related queries                              Billing inqueries                               Material delivery, PGE

All Installation related queries                Product Pricing                                Pre-project/Admin Phase


Pre-Project & Admin Phase: Contact Nick (Nick is in the Army Reserves, sometimes unavailable due to his service to our nation)

Within one to three business days of receipt of your signed contract and deposit: If applicable, please provide us with the name and contact information of your Home Owner’s Association. We will coordinate document requirements and submission. Start date is subject to change, based on HOA approval. Your Installation Schedule will be emailed to you. Please reply to the “Project Coordination Form” link in the email. You will receive PG&E Net Energy Metering documents for your digital signature.


Project Start & Construction Phase: Contact Mark

Material delivery is usually scheduled the Friday before a planned Monday start date. A GSS representative will be there to verify all materials. Bob will then provide instructions via email with how to pay our supplier directly by credit card, if you choose. Note: Remaining project costs must be paid by check.

Day One: Solar Racking Installation, usually completed on day one by California Roofing. If applicable, ventilation, plumbing, and/or gas valve modifications are made this day. If a ground mount project, excavation/site layout/concrete and racking continues for up to a week.

Day Two: California Roofing completes roof work. Our licensed electrician, Micor Electric, begins conduit runs and inverter mounting. Attic access is usually necessary to hide conduit runs for best aesthetics.

Day Three: Micor Electric installs solar panels after attic, electrical, and panel work.

Add on’s to the system (car chargers, transfer switches, Secure Power Supply, etc.) or a large solar PV system may increase this time. A ground mount system typically installs in two weeks.

Day Four: Inspection will be scheduled for the following day, once the installation is complete. You may or may not need to be there for the inspection. Aaron will contact you with details.

Day Five: Final Building Inspection, Nick will submit the signed off building permit to PG&E.


For any issues you feel may need to be addressed to company management:

Mark Becker, President:, 925.915.9252

Post Project:

We’ll solicit you for comprehensive verbal or written review of our services, with the intention of getting constructive feedback so that we may always be improving our processes and our reputation. You’ll also be informed of the details of our GoSimpleSolar Sunshine Rewards referral program by Nicole Becker: 925.984.0226


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