GoSimpleSolar Resource Center

Welcome to GoSimpleSolar’s online resource center. This page will provide you with numerous links to resources that we have pooled together from reputable businesses, organizations, and solar experts in California and beyond. We highly recommend using this page as an educational tool to help you understand the solar market, including the products, incentives, and practices that GoSimpleSolar utilizes to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


How Solar Works

Take a look at this page to understand how PG&E handles solar home/business owners. You will find out how certain PG&E rates allow for solar buyers to offset up to 100% of their utility bill without offsetting 100% of their grid electricity usage. Also, you will understand how the annual “True-Up” billing process works, as well as monitoring of your solar system’s energy production.



The Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit is set to expire on December 31, 2021. Learn more about the perks of this incentive by accessing this resource.


Finance Options

The lending market is saturated with loan options for solar buyers. Seeing that solar, done right, is one of the safest investments available, there are plenty of great options for financing your purchase.


SolarWorld USA Panels

SolarWorld USA panels are USA made in Hillsborough, OR. These highly durable, field proven products will leave you with lasting piece of mind when you install solar.


SMA America Inverters

SMA’s string inverters are GoSimpleSolar’s “Go-To” for most solar projects. SMA provides top of the line, long lasting products that incorporate the latest in string inverter technology.


Online System Monitoring

SMA America inverters are able to connect with the internet at your home or business to provide you with real-time tracking of your solar system’s production. Access production logs to see exactly how your system is performing over the years.


GoSimpleSolar Sunshine Warranty

GoSimpleSolar’s Sunshine Warranty utilizes industry leading warranties associated with our products and installation practices in order to provide customers with lasting comfort.


PG&E Website Resource has detailed information regarding solar Net Energy Metering (NEM). Also, via your login, you can learn about your energy usage trends, explore ways to increase efficiency at your home or business, and much more.


GoSimpleSolar Map of Installations

Check out GoSimpleSolar’s map of installations. Please note that GoSimpleSolar is currently focusing on projects in Danville, Alamo, Diablo, Lafayette, and Orinda.