Solar Options Made Simple

Do Nothing

  • PG&E rates keep rising at 5.0% a year
  • Zero financial return on your hard earned money

Solar Ownership

  • Own the system and tap into the full benefits of solar
  • 30+ years of savings
  • 26% Federal Tax Credit through 2020. Then 22% in 2021
  • Maximize returns on investment
  • Value of your home increases

Which is best for you?

Ownership: Solar Loan

If you want the benefits of ownership but don’t have money available for 100% down, a solar loan might be right for you. The PowerSaver Loan is a program that is backed by the Federal Housing Administration and allows you to borrow up to $25,000 towards a solar system for your home. More information about the PowerSaver Loan can be found here.

Ownership: Property Assessed Clean Energy Loan

Rolls right into your annual tax assessment, if you are current on your property tax bill, and have not been 30 days late on your mortgage payments, you’ll qualify for this loan. Qualification is very simple and the process very fast. An excellent way to finance your solar PV and/or roof. Apply here.

Ownership: Home Equity Line

Yet another option for ownership is to secure a home equity line with your financial institution. Care must be taken to make sure that the financier understands the financial benefits of a solar system in order to accurately determine interest rates.

Ownership: 100% Cash Down

When done right, solar is the best guaranteed investment in the country today. If you have money set aside that you are planning on investing anyway, purchasing the solar system outright is the way to go. Do you have tax liability? You get the 30% tax credit. Thinking of selling your home in the next 30 years? The value of your home goes up.