GoSimpleSolar Energy Production Modelling

Throughout the solar industry, it is common to receive overrated energy production estimates. Those that install solar with these misleading estimates often do not receive the full financial return potential that solar could provide. GoSimpleSolar provides prospective clients with the most accurate modelling of their proposed solar system’s production via unique, state of the art technology and software.

Predicting Available Solar Access Onsite

GoSimpleSolar uses the patented Solmetric SunEye-210 – the world-leading shade measurement tool for solar site assessment. This hand-held electronic tool assesses the available solar energy by day, month, and year with the press of a button by measuring the shading patterns of a particular site. We are not astronomers, but with the SunEye-210, we are able to understand how the sun will interact with your future solar array and provide you with an accurate production estimation based on the tool’s data.

Utilizing Shading Data in Conjuction with Industry Leading Software

A crucial element that is necessary to size photovoltaic systems appropriately is software. GoSimpleSolar uses Energy Periscope, an industry leading energy project evaluation & sales management program, to appropriately size systems to individual clients’ needs. Using Energy Periscope’s Smart Sizing optimization engine in conjunction with the SunEye-210’s shading data, production estimates have proven to be extremely accurate when compared to completed project production data.