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Energy Currents:  A million plus and Counting The upcoming Memorial Day Holiday is a special day for our nation. It is an especially meaningful day for veterans and families who have personally experienced the loss of comrades or kin during combat or non-combat related missions. In the East Bay we pay tribute to our veterans who  [Read More]
Recently there has been a glut of unappealing solar PV projects installed into my neighborhood, negatively impacting the individual home and the neighborhood’s visual appeal. Per California Law, Home Owner Associations (HOA’S) do have some amount of control over the aesthetic impact of solar PV projects. It may sound strange to the reader that a  [Read More]
As we move into the next presidential election, there are both nervous and cautiously optimistic energy leaders around our nation and our world. Alternative energy has proven to be a non-partisan issue, and citizens throughout the political spectrum hope that the clean energy revolution will continue on its current path. In terms of energy production,  [Read More]
Article written by Mark Becker for Danville/Alamo/Lafayette Today, July 2016. Unfortunately, the subject matter of these newspaper articles doesn’t appear out of thin air. This month, while considering ideas, I tapped into the most available resources present at the moment; my two teenage children. My daughter’s response was immediate and specific: “Talk about the basics, you’re always talking about science  [Read More]