Micro-Inverter Options

Why Micro-Inverters?

Solar panels generate Direct Current electricity (DC). Most applications require the electricity to be Alternating Current (AC). The job of the inverter is to turn DC electricity into AC for your home and the grid. There are two options for inverters: string inverters and micro inverters. A string inverter system has a single inverter that connects to all of the solar panels. A microinverter system has a microinverter for every solar panel.

Live Monitoring

Once your system is installed and operational, you will be able to monitor it from your computer or smart phone. This video shows you everything you need to know.

Enphase Company Info

Enphase Energy, a publicly-held company based in Northern California, is led by veterans from the solar, telecom, networking and software industries, and backed by leaders from throughout the solar power industry.

Enphase’s vision is to make solar simple and energy smart so everyone is empowered to create a zero energy footprint for themselves, their home and their business. Our mission is to build the world’s finest networked energy system and revolutionize power generation on a global scale – one solar panel, one kilowatt hour at a time. By combining the power of solar energy and the proven advantages of communications technology, Enphase Energy products make solar power systems productive, reliable, smart and safe.

The Bottom Line

As opposed to Enphase micro-inverters, SMA string inverters show more promise for future technological advancements such as grid interaction. Easy and inexpensive replacement of string inverters allows customers to take advantage of the latest technology if they feel inclined to upgrade.