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Solar Financing Breakdown by GoSimpleSolar

GoSimpleSolar aims to provide customers with the best financial returns that solar has to offer. A 100% cash purchase provides the best financial returns that solar has to offer; however, we know that this is not the best option for everyone. For this reason, we have painstakingly assessed the solar financing market to provide you with multiple ways to go solar without a 100% cash purchase.

Four Great Options

 Solar Loan Through Your Personal Bank

If you want the benefits of ownership but are not interested in 100% down, a solar loan might be right for you. Assuming a good FICO score, interest rates with your personal bank could be lower than average (<3.75%). Depending on the cost of your solar system and the period of your loan, it is possible to be cashflow positive in the first year, making this option very appealing to many customers.

Bottom Line: Good credit score, low interest rate from personal bank, great financing option with decent long term returns.

Signature Express Loan Through BBVA Compass

Rates as low as 6.24% (after qualifying credit and applied discounts) make the Signature Express Loan a great option for anyone looking to finance their solar system. Qualifying loan amounts from $2,000 to $100,000 ensure that solar projects of any size can utilize this option. Amounts under $25,000 often receive same day funding. With loan terms from 12 to 72 months, no prepayment penalties, and no collateral requirements, the Signature Express Loan is a great option for many buyers.
For more information on the Signature Express Loan, visit here.

GreenStreet Loan Through Umpqua Bank

The GreenStreet Lending Program from Umpqua Bank is a great option for residential and commercial solar consumers. This program offers home equity line of credit options as well as unsecured loan options that can cover projects of virtually any size.
For more information on the GreenStreet Lending Program from Umpqua Bank, visit here.

SolarPlus Loan Through Admiral’s Bank

With flexible loan terms and access to renewable financing experts that focus on providing you with the best loan options possible, the SolarPlus loan can be personalized for anyone looking to go solar. Qualifying SolarPlus customers are able to combine a secured loan for up to $25,000 with an unsecured, same-as-cash loan for up to $15,000, for a total combined amount of $40,000. This method of financing keeps payments very low from day 1 and allows for multiple different combinations.
For more information on the SolarPlus loan, visit here.


For better understanding of GoSimpleSolar’s Solar Financing Options, please speak with one of our qualified representatives after submitting a quote here.