Case Study – La Bonne Cuisine: Oakland, CA

In 2014, La Bonne Cuisine, an Oakland-based catering and event business, decided to make the shift towards energy efficiency by going solar. Through installation of a 27.45 kW photovoltaic system, La Bonne Cuisine is offsetting over 70% of their monthly electricity bill. Total savings over the life of the system is expected to be nearly five times the initial investment cost.


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Financial Advantages

The Federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit helped La Bonne Cuisine save 30% on project costs, equating to just over $46,000. With a net present value of over 3 times the net project cost and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 20%, this business benefits immensely from going solar. Because of the rising cost of electricity, going solar also protects La Bonne Cuisine from increasing electricity rates that are expected to continue well into the future. This means that expected annual savings effectively increase on an annual basis, represented in the cash flow chart shown below. For more information on rising electricity rates, click here.

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Production Data

The graphs below show up to the hour production data from La Bonne Cuisine as well as carbon emissions offset and total energy produced since installation. If you opt in for Live Monitoring of your system, you will have access to this information and much more.