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SMA Secure Power Supply Operation Guide

Figure 1: SPS Receptacle                                                Figure 2: Inverter display in SPS Standalone Operation Mode

Figure 1 illustrates your solar system with Secure Power Supply (SPS). The SPS receptacle is connected directly to the inverter, as shown. The switch on the SPS controls the operation of the inverter mode and the receptacle.

If the electricity from PG&E fails at your home, during daylight hours:
  • Turn the SPS switch to the ON position.
    (The inverter will take a minute or two to reconfigure before allowing your back up power to be available)
  • Plug in a phone charger, a refrigerator, or another device of your choice.
  • If we have wired your SPS into a transfer switch for powering specific loads in your home, ensure you turn the transfer switch to the “Backup” position on the transfer selector.
  • Please be advised that the amount of electricity available to the SPS is directly related to the amount of sunlight available.

If your utility power remains off overnight: You must cycle the SPS switch from OFF back to the ON position in the morning to put the SPS back into operation.

When the utility power is restored:
  1. Turn OFF the SPS switch to reestablish the solar system to normal operation.
  • Return equipment that was being powered by the SPS to its normal power source.
  • If you have a transfer switch wired, return the transfer switch to the “Normal” position.

Notes :
Ensure that the total wattage of the appliance is 1500 watts or less. When you plug in your device, the “Power” portion of the display will indicate the amount of wattage your plugged in device(s) is demanding. If the available amount of sunlight cannot power your device, it will remain unpowered. As the sun goes down, behind clouds, etc., there will be less power available to the device. During nighttime, the available power will be zero. Please see the provided SMA Secure Power Supply pamphlet for full details.